Why Summersaults?

Have you ever felt as though you are spending your life sitting on the sidelines watching other people live out passionate lives? Do the fears of failure, rejection, or criticism cause you to feel as though you are frozen and that the dreams tucked deep inside your heart will never ever come to be? I totally GET that feeling!!! I spent so much of my life experiencing fear instead of allowing God to work fully in my life. But, by His incredible and loving Grace, He took the fears away and freed my soul from its frozen state and, GUESS WHAT?.....I AM experiencing my dreams and passions! He is leading me along a journey that will definitely have ups and downs, but I know it won’t be a sideline type of life. When the fears are set aside and resting in His amazing Hands, and we choose to do our very best to follow His Will for our lives…we are free to experience life the way He designed it. And let me tell you, when we are living life the way He designed it….it is definitely like experiencing the exciting freedom of turning one summersault after another!!! Join my family and me as we do our best to follow Him, His Word, and His Will as we journey through life….first stop?...adopting a little girl from Bulgaria!!!